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International women’s day – Five books by female authors I think you should read!


38746485Becoming – Michelle Obama
I have not yet finished this book but I can already see that this is a strong book about a even stronger woman and I do feel every one should read it. 
2657To kill a mockingbird – Harper Lee
Harper Lee was a very private person and it bothers me not knowing why such a talent writer never wrote more than two book, the second published 55 years after To kill a mockingbird. I never read this book in school but I’m happy I finally did a couple of years ago. It is such a strong book that really makes you think. And to know she took a lot of heat due to the topic of the book and it has stand against time just makes it even better.
17347384Harry Potter – J.K Rowling
A series, loved by young and old in both books and movie form. It is certainly in my opinion one of the most influenced book series of my time. I grew up with HP and it will always have a special place in my heart. Then when you know Rowling’s story and struggles before it’s publish it makes it even better. It is the proof that if you are willing enough, you can make anything happen.
8745Desert flower – Waris Dirie
I read this many years ago. It is such a strong story about a woman grown up in a environment and culture so different from my own. It certainly made me realize how lucky I am just to be born from the mother I have, in the country I did.
1397964I have life: Raped, Stabbed & Left for dead – Marianne Thamm
I read it as a young teenager and it was absolutely horrific. But still strong, inspiring and proof of how strong a woman can be, no mater what. I was in a bad place at the time and this book help me in a way I can not explain. Not for the faint of heart but certainly a book worth reading.


Suspense · Young, New adult/College

Reread: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J.K Rowling

17347384I’m not gonna write a “normal” review on this one. Mostly because it would not be fair. I do love Harry Potter, no questions about it. I grew up in the Harry Potter prime time and read all the books and had all the stuffs and when the movies came I watch them over and over again and what not. There where no books and movies that I loved as much as I loved Harry Potter. And it is the one series I wish I could forget so that I would be able to read them as “New” again. And it will be the one series I will be reading for my future children and grandchildren.

However, now as I reread the books in a grown up age, I see and perceive the books in a different way then I did as an child. Not necessary a bad way, just different. And since I have seen the movies to many times to count, I do not feel comfortable in writing a accurate review since my feelings from when I was a child, the movie and my grown up perspective is muddled together and I cant separate them enough to be fair. Does it make sense?

Do not misunderstand me here. I do love the Potter series and I give the book the five star rating that it deserve, there just will not be an official review from me on it.