Who Is The Book Chick

me1A bookaholic, who takes every chance she gets to read. It doesn’t mater if it is on the buss or while waiting for the buss, in the queue at the bank or in the freaking cashier line at the local food store. She even reads while she eat her breakfast or making her dinner. Even before bed and in bed. And while she does not read, shes listening on audio books. Yep! This one eat, sleeps and breaths books…. or something like that.

Born and raised in Sweden but lives in Norway since 2008 with her fiance Mr M in a small condo in a city by the ocean. She has no kids or animals but a lot of friends and a huge family. Other than books she has a big passions for food and drinks. She is also an artistic soul who paints and writes in the little time that is left.

So what does she like to read? Well, romance and suspense are high on that list. But other than that she reads, crime, thriller, horror, mystery, science fiction, chick lit and to some extend fantasy. She is always trying to broaden her horizons and finds that diversity is the key to a happy reading life.


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