2018 Reading Challenge

12 Picture from Vecteezy.
  1. A book made into a movie you already have seen.
  2. The next book in a series you have started.
  3. A book published in 2018.
  4. A short book.
  5. A one-sitting book.
  6. A book written by a Goodreads choice award winner.
  7. A bestseller from the year you graduated highschool.
  8. A book with an ugly cover.
  9. A banned book.
  10. A book that is more than 800 pages.
  11. A book that becomes a movie in 2018.
  12. A book you loved as an child.
  13. A book about time travel.
  14. A childhood classic you never read.
  15. A book set in the decade you where born.
  16. A book you meant to read but never got to.
  17. A medical or legal thriller.
  18. A book by an author you never read before.
  19. An authors debut book.
  20. A book with the letters A, T and Y in the title.
  21. A book from the first 10 books on your “to be read” list.
  22. A book by two authors.
  23. A book you have high expectations/hopes for.
  24. A book you expect to make you laugh.
  25. Reread a book.
  26. A YA bestseller.
  27. A non fiction book.
  28. A book that was given to you as an gift.
  29. A book that intimidates/scares you.
  30. A book with a title that’s a characters name.Β