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Mid Year Book Freak OUT! tag 2019

I’m not a Booktuber but I do watch a lot of them. So I thought, for the first time, I would do one of those tags. And here you have it. My mid year book freak out.

1. Best book youโ€™ve read so far in 2019.
The Kind worth Killing is probably the best one I have read so far this year. I loved the way it is written, the plot, story and everything about it.

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2019.
Oh how to choose? Well it have to be Us against you by Fredrik Backman. I loved that one.

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to.
Sorcery of thorns by Margaret Rogerson. With its release now in June and the unknown to me author, is certainly one I have high on my want to read list.

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.
The institute by Stephen King has it’s release in September this year and those lucky few who got there hands on an ARC says it is one great book. I can’t hardly wait.

5. Biggest disappointment.
I have to books I could use to answer this question but finally went with Throne of glass by Sarah J Maas. I loved, loved, loved her Court of thorns series and was certainly expecting more. I was so disappointed that I didn’t like the first book in the Throne of glass series. I’m not even certain I will continue it.

6. Biggest surprise.
Through the fire by Katie Ruggle. The fourth and last book in the Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series. The three first books didnt land well with me but this one took me by total surprise and knocked me flat on my ass.

7. Favorite new author. (Debut or new to you)
I haven’t read enough by new authors to call a favorite, but if I should choose one of them It has to bee Taylor Jenkins Read. Only read one book by her, but really liked it and her writing. Can absolutely see her become one of my favorites.

8. Newest fictional crush.
Wes from the Rocky Mountain series written Katie Ruggle. Hands down! I have such a huge crush on that character that I almost feel little guilty against my hubby who I have been with for the last 11 years. haha

9. Newest favorite character.
Mia Corvere from the Nevernight series. Only read one book so far but I find her really cool and would love to read more.

10. Book that made you cry.
Us against you by Fredrik Backman. I really tried to choose one book per question but had to use this book twice. It is that great and yes, it certainly made me cry to.

11. Book that made you happy.
Sizzle by Julie Garwood both made me laugh and happy because it gave me just what I needed and expected. It was also a little new comparing to what I read from her before so it was fresh and left you with a feel good emotion.

12. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received).
The priory of the orange tree. It fit the book so completely and was even more beautiful when connecting it to the plot. Unfortunately the blue foil letters disappeared by use of hands, but still beautiful.

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?
Oh that is so many but my top five is

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Life update – We are moving!

I don’t have much time for reading as of right now. We have bought our self a house, yay more room for books. ๐Ÿ™‚ So we are now in the middle of the moving businesses. I just don’t have the time for reading right now.

Please bare with me. I’m reading while I can. I’m hoping to be 100% back just as soon as we have landed in the new house. The moving truck will go next week or the week after that. ๐Ÿ˜€


We are so happy that we finally won and bough a house. A lot more space and I can finally have some real bookshelves. Because now we have the room for it. I can’t wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Happy Easter!

Today my Easter holiday starts which means a couple of extra days of work. Yay! And I will spend it blissfully with books. And maybe my partner and some friends to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The weather is suppose to be fantastic so who knows. But yeah, Books, would love to just lay on the sofa and read the holiday away.

What are you planing to do this weekend? Do you celebrate Easter? Do you have another holiday? What do you plane on reading? Happy weekend dear readers. ๐Ÿ˜€


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I bought myself a car!


Here come a not so bookish post because I’m just so happy. I have bought my very first car. I no longer have to take the bus to or from work. I do not have to take the train, bus or/and a airplane to be able to visit my family back home in Sweden. Now I can just drive and save +8 hours of the total travelling time. It usually takes between 17 to 24 hours to travel home and I always had to take two extra days off work only for traveling. That sucked. In a car it takes around 9 hours. I’m all for public transportation and environmental thinking, but at the same time I have the money to do it more comfortable now and until the public transportation gets more flexible for long distant traveling, I will now drive. And I’m so happy.

Unfortunately it also has a negative impact. It effects my reading time. Before car I read a lot while waiting for buses and while traveling back and forth between work and home. That reading time is now gone. I can alreadyย see it affect my reading speed and how many books I will read in a month. I’m sorry for that for it will also effect the number of reviews I will publish here. My solution is that I will try to prioritize reading more at home, unfortunately the snow is finally gone, the sun is here hand spring is just around the corner. It means more time outside and a more social life = less reading. But what are you gonna do?

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To Be Read – April

Every month I pick 2 eBooks from my kindle, 2 physical books from my bookshelf and 1 book from my to buy list, that I’m allowed to buy (yeah I’m on a buy books ban again) and planning to read them in the following month.

In March I had a reread and Breathe by Kristen Ashley left to read but at the time I’m writing this, I plan to start Breathe as soon as I’m done with the book I’m currently reading and it will probably happen before the end of March.

But anyway, following books are what I plan to read in the month of April. As usual there are a sixth book but that one I will not know what it will be until the meeting of my book club in the beginning of April.


The first book I chose, I’m looking forward to read since it is the forth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. That series has been “out of this world, great” so far.

The second book is highly anticipated which had its release in March. It is a high fantasy on almost 1000 pages. It is almost a little frighting to start even though I usually loves big books.

The third book is one in a series I follow written by Jessica Gadziala, one of my favorite authors, where we finally suppose to be told what really happened to Eli.

The fourth book is the one I’m allowed to buy in April. It is a continue on a series I last read back in 2017 and wish to pick up again.

The last one is a book by a Swedish author that I received as a Christmas present from my mother-in-law. I wish to read itย so that I can say the next time I meet her that I finally have read it. I received this one several years ago so it is about time. Haha Note: The book is translated to English and it’s title is “Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All”ย if you are interested.ย 

What are you planing on reading in the month of April?


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I injured Mr. Tom! :(

img_2996I accidentally injured Mr. Tom last weekend and I’m so sad right now. It has been my friend, my companion and always with me for three years now. What happen was that I had put it beside me in bed after reading and then fallen asleep in the afternoon. When I later woke up I checked the time on my phone and then “threw” it beside me. I had not placed the cover back on and the phone accidentally hit the screen. Now I have a big notch in the screen which shines really brightly and creates shadows who “interferes” with the text. I have not yet decided if I should try to get used to it or if I should invest in an upgrade. I have had it 3 years and it has worked so perfect. I can’t imagine a life without my kindle. I don’t know what to do.

I tried to take a picture of it but that was harder than anticipating.

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Spring cleaning TBR Part 1 – Kindle

Art by Magalie FoutrierWhen I started reading e-books I went a little overboard and bought these big sets filled with different books and series from different authors. It even got worse when I got myself a Kindle and found free books at Amazon. So through the years I have accumulated quite a list of eBooks I probably never will read.

So it is time for a spring cleaning in my electronic book TBR list. I use Goodreads to keep track of what I have and want. So those books I believe I will never read, I will delete from my account. This however do not mean that they are gone. I still have them in my amazon cloud or on my hard-drive, depending on where I bought them. So if I regret my choice I still have the ability to read them in the future. But I’m a fan of the saying “out of sight, out of mind” and that is what I will practice here. Just to get my self some peace of mind. Disorganization is extremely stressful for me.

Some of the books are part of series that I have started but will probably never continue. For an example Three sister island by Nora Roberts, due to that I hated the first book. Or Grant County by Karin Slaughter since she spoiled me so heavily in one of her other series (Will Trent) that I don’t want to continue the series.

Then I have a ton of series I never started, like for an example, Bone Island and that is because I have read some books by Heather Graham and I have never liked them. Some of the series I bought because I was interested but now I’m no longer are and after been on my TBR for years, it is time to let it go.

I have also started to delete all those “half” books. I hate that type of thing. Not a big fan of short stories either. So it is time to say “Bye Bye” to them too.

Overall I’m quite happy with my spring cleaning. It will be a lot harder when I do it in my physical TBR shelf. That will probably not be as easy.

Series I will not continue:
Krewe of hunters – Heather Graham
The bodyguards of L.A county – Cate Beauman
Three sisters island – Nora Roberts
Kate Reid – Robin Mahle
Mackenzie family – Linda Howard
CIA Spies – Linda Howard
The last stand – Brenda Novak
Truth – Mariah Stewart
Dead – Mariah Stewart
Dark Ops – Catherine Mann
Grant County – Karin Slaughter
The MC Sinners – Bella Jewel
Stark Saga – J. Kenner
The sons of steel row – Jen McLaughlin

Series I bought but probably never will read:
Bone Island – Heather Graham
Operation: Midnight – Linda Castillo
Sign of seven – Nora Roberts
Storm front – Sharon Sala
DCI Tom Douglas – Rachel Abbott
Stacy Killian – Erica Spindler
Abby Kane – Ty Hutchinson
Western Ladies – Linda Howard
Burnout Series – Dahlia West
Last – Mariah Stewart

Other books:
Copycat – Erica Spindler
Hearths of fire – Kennedy Layne
Captured innocence – Kennedy Layne
Fearless – Lauren Gilley
To die for – Linda Howard
Raintree: Inferno – Linda Howard
Blood born – Linda Howard
Dirty – Kylie Scott
Unholy – Ellen Harper
Ellie’s Story – W. Bruce Cameron

X.5 Books
8.5 Visions of sugar plum – Janet Evanovich
12.5 Plum Lovin’ – Janet Evanovich
13.5 Plum Lucky – Janet Evanovich
14.5 Plum Spooky – Janet Evanovich

So much books to read. Not enough time.Art by Magalie Foutrier


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International women’s day – Five books by female authors I think you should read!


38746485Becoming – Michelle Obama
I have not yet finished this book but I can already see that this is a strong book about a even stronger woman and I do feel every one should read it. 
2657To kill a mockingbird – Harper Lee
Harper Lee was a very private person and it bothers me not knowing why such a talent writer never wrote more than two book, the second published 55 years after To kill a mockingbird. I never read this book in school but I’m happy I finally did a couple of years ago. It is such a strong book that really makes you think. And to know she took a lot of heat due to the topic of the book and it has stand against time just makes it even better.
17347384Harry Potter – J.K Rowling
A series, loved by young and old in both books and movie form. It is certainly in my opinion one of the most influenced book series of my time. I grew up with HP and it will always have a special place in my heart. Then when you know Rowling’s story and struggles before it’s publish it makes it even better. It is the proof that if you are willing enough, you can make anything happen.
8745Desert flower – Waris Dirie
I read this many years ago. It is such a strong story about a woman grown up in a environment and culture so different from my own. It certainly made me realize how lucky I am just to be born from the mother I have, in the country I did.
1397964I have life: Raped, Stabbed & Left for dead – Marianne Thamm
I read it as a young teenager and it was absolutely horrific. But still strong, inspiring and proof of how strong a woman can be, no mater what. I was in a bad place at the time and this book help me in a way I can not explain. Not for the faint of heart but certainly a book worth reading.


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TBR March

march.JPGNew month, new To Be Read list. I’m quite happy with my results from February. I had selected 6 books (one was a February book club book) and I read all besides one. Well actually two since I DNF’ed one of them.

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” is the one I never started in February. I have put it on my list for March since this is a book I really want to read, I just didn’t get to it last month.

Other than that I have the fifth book in the Winston Brothers series, the fourth book in the Colorado Mountain series and the first book in a new series, The Nevernight Chronicle. The last one, “A court of Thorns and Roses” are actually a reread I have had a desire for lately.

There will also be a sixth book on the list but that one I do not know until my book club have had its meeting on Wednesday. Pretty excited for March and I think this will be a great reading month.

What are you planing on reading in March?