Everyday things

When you try to brake an pattern!

So you know that feeling when you have read a genre a little to long that the books are starting to float together and the story lines starting to feel the same to you? Well, yesterday when I was done with the latest book (Blind fury by Gwen Hernandez) I felt kind of sick on romance. Now i needed something new. So i decided to go with a book I have had in my electronic library for ages. An science fiction with aliens. That felt just perfect for me. But after just two chapters in the story i started to feel that maybe this is not as clean, cut and dry science fiction book that i first thought. So i looked little closer on the books description on Goodreads, and lo and behold, it is an Romantic science fiction. Bwahahah ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh well, cant stop reading it now.


*Picture borrowedย from google.com.

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