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Bet you didn’t know this about me

I’m one of those weird people who does not read when sick. It is actually a really good indicator that I’m sick if you do not see me with a book in my hand. And when I start reading again, it just shows that i’m starting to get better. I have always hated that. I mean, when you are sick and legally home from school or work, it is the best possible time to get some reading in. Because, when you are sick, there is no expectation that you should be able to do all the normal things and you can just lay there and read. Well, than there is me who do not read while sick and just lay there in bed, watching tv, sleeping and feeling sorry for my self. O and believe you me, i HAVE tried to read. Makes no difference. My head just cant focus.

So well, you probably understand by now that I am sick. Yepp! Oh lucky me. And i’m not even that sick. Just laying there in the middle where i’m sick enough to not be able to read but not sick enough to be home from work to sleep the bug away. Yepp. That’s my luck alright.

So there will probably be some time before I get to read out Ready Player One, which is the book I’m reading right now. But dont worry. If it will take to long, I will write an publish some of my old reviews for you.

1IJ6TGQ.gifGif source


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