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Spring cleaning TBR Part 1 – Kindle

Art by Magalie FoutrierWhen I started reading e-books I went a little overboard and bought these big sets filled with different books and series from different authors. It even got worse when I got myself a Kindle and found free books at Amazon. So through the years I have accumulated quite a list of eBooks I probably never will read.

So it is time for a spring cleaning in my electronic book TBR list. I use Goodreads to keep track of what I have and want. So those books I believe I will never read, I will delete from my account. This however do not mean that they are gone. I still have them in my amazon cloud or on my hard-drive, depending on where I bought them. So if I regret my choice I still have the ability to read them in the future. But I’m a fan of the saying “out of sight, out of mind” and that is what I will practice here. Just to get my self some peace of mind. Disorganization is extremely stressful for me.

Some of the books are part of series that I have started but will probably never continue. For an example Three sister island by Nora Roberts, due to that I hated the first book. Or Grant County by Karin Slaughter since she spoiled me so heavily in one of her other series (Will Trent) that I don’t want to continue the series.

Then I have a ton of series I never started, like for an example, Bone Island and that is because I have read some books by Heather Graham and I have never liked them. Some of the series I bought because I was interested but now I’m no longer are and after been on my TBR for years, it is time to let it go.

I have also started to delete all those “half” books. I hate that type of thing. Not a big fan of short stories either. So it is time to say “Bye Bye” to them too.

Overall I’m quite happy with my spring cleaning. It will be a lot harder when I do it in my physical TBR shelf. That will probably not be as easy.

Series I will not continue:
Krewe of hunters – Heather Graham
The bodyguards of L.A county – Cate Beauman
Three sisters island – Nora Roberts
Kate Reid – Robin Mahle
Mackenzie family – Linda Howard
CIA Spies – Linda Howard
The last stand – Brenda Novak
Truth – Mariah Stewart
Dead – Mariah Stewart
Dark Ops – Catherine Mann
Grant County – Karin Slaughter
The MC Sinners – Bella Jewel
Stark Saga – J. Kenner
The sons of steel row – Jen McLaughlin

Series I bought but probably never will read:
Bone Island – Heather Graham
Operation: Midnight – Linda Castillo
Sign of seven – Nora Roberts
Storm front – Sharon Sala
DCI Tom Douglas – Rachel Abbott
Stacy Killian – Erica Spindler
Abby Kane – Ty Hutchinson
Western Ladies – Linda Howard
Burnout Series – Dahlia West
Last – Mariah Stewart

Other books:
Copycat – Erica Spindler
Hearths of fire – Kennedy Layne
Captured innocence – Kennedy Layne
Fearless – Lauren Gilley
To die for – Linda Howard
Raintree: Inferno – Linda Howard
Blood born – Linda Howard
Dirty – Kylie Scott
Unholy – Ellen Harper
Ellie’s Story – W. Bruce Cameron

X.5 Books
8.5 Visions of sugar plum – Janet Evanovich
12.5 Plum Lovin’ – Janet Evanovich
13.5 Plum Lucky – Janet Evanovich
14.5 Plum Spooky – Janet Evanovich

So much books to read. Not enough time.Art by Magalie Foutrier


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