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Happy Easter!

Today my Easter holiday starts which means a couple of extra days of work. Yay! And I will spend it blissfully with books. And maybe my partner and some friends to. 😉 The weather is suppose to be fantastic so who knows. But yeah, Books, would love to just lay on the sofa and read the holiday away.

What are you planing to do this weekend? Do you celebrate Easter? Do you have another holiday? What do you plane on reading? Happy weekend dear readers. 😀


3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter! I don’t get off until Good Friday so you are a lucky ducky! My plans for this Easter weekend is probably the same as yours, however I am traveling up to Fort Worth to visit my brother for my neices birthday. Other than that, ya girl is hiding away beneath fluffy blankets and reading lmao.


    1. If you did all that it sounds like you had a great Easter. 😀 Now I’m back at work and unfortunately I didn’t finish the brick I’m reading right now. I was out to much in the sun. Haha.

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