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Some new books

I try not to buy eBooks more than four (isch) times a year. That’s because I don’t want to have to many books on my kindle since it gets hard for me later one to choose which book to read. And if I don’t limiting my self I would buy books all the time.  Of course there is exceptions. Like when my favorite author releases a new book or I find something new that I just have to read like right now. But i try not to surf my bookstores or Goodreads to much between my shopping sprees. I do not count in buying physical books into this so I do buy books more than four times a year. But I try to keep the lid on my piggy bank.

Anyhow, I received my pay this weekend and did have my fourth quarter shopping spree and over the last months I have not found that many new books or authors that I want to read so many of the books I bought is series I follow. I thought that I should show you a small selection of what I bought and what i’m looking forward to read the next months.


Fear University by Meg Collett. New author and series for me and kind of new genre.
Looking for Alaska by John Green. Loved his book The fault in our stars and thought I should give one of his other books a try.
Grin and Berd It by Penny Reid. Second book in the sexy bearded Winston Brothers series.
Diabolical by Jana Deleon. The third book about Shay Archer and I’m really looking forward to be reading this one. I’m finally gonna get some answers.
Eli by Jessica Gadziala. Fourth and last book about the Mallick Brothers. This one I’m waiting to read until I have more time. I been waiting a long time for this one.
Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata. Her books a long but I really liked The wall of Winnipeg and me and thought I need to read more by her.
Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler. Trying more in the shape shiftier genre.
Assassin’s code by Jonathan Maberry. Fourth book about the coolest guy I know.
The silent corner by Dean Koontz. Because I just have to.
Run to ground by Katie Ruggle. One of my favorite authors have released a new series.
The Collector by Nora Roberts. A book I have wanted to read for a really long time.
A wrinkle in time by Madeleine L’Engle. A book from 1962 that was on a (books you should read) list that interested me. Exciting.

Have you read any off this books?

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