Everyday things

2 new books in my collection

My local bookstore had earlier this week, this 30% off campaign for members and it also included English books. It never does that and I was so happy. Thought that I would make a bargain. Unfortunately there was almost nothing of interest in both of the bookstores in town. I often feel the range of books on English is pretty poor and I don’t read on Norwegian. Sometimes I’m so jealous of you who lives near those big English/american bookstores. What a dream.

Anyway! I did find two books though. Vox by Christina Dalcher. It’s a feminist dystopian?! I don’t know what I should think regarding it’s many mixed reviews, but the synopsis intrigued me, and it is not that big. I should survive reading it even if it’s not that great.

The other book is The Alice network by Kate Quinn. It is an historical fiction with a synopsis I first didn’t fall for. But then I saw it’s ratings on Goodreads (4,26 by 147 000 ratings) and several of my internet friends have loved it, so I though why not. It’s been i while now since I last read a historical fiction and maybe it is time soon.

Have you read any of these two?

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