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14 Weeks – Jessica Gadziala

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Goodreads synopsis: I was a bit of a wild child.
I had a past.
I had gotten into trouble.
All that was behind me, though.
And for the first time in my life, trouble had found me.

When the other private investigators wouldn’t help me, I found the huge, hulking Tig willing to lend his expertise. What I didn’t expect was the growing attraction between us or the crazy series of events that would put our budding relationship to the test.


My thoughts: Well, the book is okay. I got myself through it. But it was not one of my favorites which is to bad. I do really like Gadziala and her books but obviously, I can’t like them all. And this one is not on the top of the list.

I didn’t really like Kenzi. I understand that she wanted to be strong and independent but you don’t have to be a bitch about it. And since it was such an focus on her strength and attitude I felt that Tig just got lost. And the constant repeating of thoughts about them self and each other was a little irritating and later on just boring. When they started a rant about there feelings och thoughts and questions (that they have already ranted about before) I started to skim read. And I hardly never skim read Gadzialas books, even if it´s not one of my favorites. And that just show how unenthusiastic I was about the book.

The story is nice but i would have liked to read more about the abduction because that really was no suspense at all. And I did have ha feeling from the start which made it easy for me to figure out what is what and how. And the part with Kenzie and Cass in the park was just fantastic. I loved that part and I needed that. It probably saved the book a star.

I really liked Reese though and she was hardly not there the entire book. But she is a character I probably will completely love when I get to her book. She will get her man in the Henchman series and there I still have book nr 8 to read before I can read about Reese and she is in book nr 9. But i´m really looking forward to it.

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