Monthly summary

November Summary

November came and went way to fast and it is already December and soon Christmas. Oh my, oh my what the time flies.

Read 9 books this month. More than I would have forseen because I have worked ALOT this month. But since my time has been limited I have spend it more on reading than tv or other stuff so I guess it evens out.

Favorite book this month: Wait For It by Mariana Zapata. A close runner up is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline who was my month favorite until I read Wait For It.

Least favorite book this month:
Making the cut by Anne Malcom.

Total read pages: 
3228 pages.

17347384Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J.K Rowling
Settings: Hogwarts. Pages: 341. Published: 1998
Genres: Fantasy, young adult, fiction.
My rating:
One word: Reread!
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 2 in Harry Potter series.

Ready player one – Ernest Cline20603758
Settings: Ohio, Oklahoma (USA) Pages: 374 Published: 2011
Genres: Science fiction, fantasy, young adult
My rating: 4/5
Five word: Fantastic, story, virtual world, exciting
Links: Review | Goodreads

19547589Rekindled – Kaylea Cross
Settings: Pakistan Pages: 259 Published: 2014
Genres: Suspense, Romance, Military, War
My rating: 3/5
Five word: Finally, suspense, mystery, little slow.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 5 in Titanium Security series.

The Magician’s Nephew – C.S Lewis65605
Settings: Narnia Pages: 221 Published: 1955
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, young adult.
My rating: 4/5
Five word: Magical, exciting, classic, series, love.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in The Chronicles of Narnia.

9780751544398Postmortem – Patricia Cornwell
Settings: Richmond, Virginia (USA) Pages: 342 Published: 1990.
Genres: Mystery, crime, fiction, thriller, suspense
My rating: 4/5
Five word: heavy, quite slow, nail-biting
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in Kay Scarpetta series.

Making the cut – Anne Malcom25442666.jpg
Settings: California, (USA) Pages: 387 Published: 2015
Genres: Romance
My rating: 2/5
Five word: Excessive, predictable, invested, romance, dislikable
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in Sons of Templar MC

18274980.jpgAshes, Ashes, they all fall dead – Lena Diaz
Settings: Savannah, Georgia (USA) Pages: 399 Published: 2013
Genres: Romantic suspense, mystery
My rating: 5/5
Five word: Wonderful, suspense, romantic, great read
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 3 in deadly games.

Eli – Jessica Gadziala35905878
Settings: Navesink Bank (fictional), New Jersey, (USA) Pages: 235
Published: 2017 Genres: Romantic, contemporary.
My rating: 5/5
Five word: Great story, raw, family, love
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 4 in Mallick brothers.

33288638Wait for it – Mariana Zapata
Pages: 670 Published: 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance.
My rating: 5/5
Five word: Great, Must read, lovable, hangover
Links: Review | Goodreads


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