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Summer read top 20

So earlier this year Goodreads had an post about recommendations on what to read this summer. Since it wasn’t a lot interesting for me I decided to do my own top 20 books that I wanted to read before September started. Well September is here and it is time for an summery.

Out of 20 books I read: 13 books.
Stars: I have distributed 48 out of 65 stars to give.
Average rating: 3,7 stars.

The books with highest ratings (4-5) are: 
Rock Chick Reckoning – Kristen Ashley 5/5
Mark – Jessica Gadziala  5/5
Sinister – Jana DeLeon 5/5
Double Dare – R.L. Mathewson 4/5
The King of Plagues – Jonathan Maberry 4/5
Down And Dirty – Liliana Hart 4/5
A Dark And Twisted Tide – Sharon Bolton  4/5
Truth Or Beard – Penny Reid 4/5

The book(s) with lowest ratings (1-3) are:
Midnight Action – Elle Kennedy 3/5
Lazarus – Jessica Gadziala 3/5
Hungry Like The Wolf – Paige Tyler 3/5
Odd Hours – Dean Koontz 2/5
The Rosie Effect – Graeme Simsion   2/5

Best book: Sinister – Jana DeLeon

Worst book: Odd Hours – Dean Koontz 2/5

Best cover: Odd Hours – Dean Koontz 2/5

Worst cover: Double Dare – R.L. Mathewson 4/5

The books I did not read:
A Sudden Crush – Camilla Isley
Run To Ground – Katie Ruggle
The Knowing – Ninie Hammon
The Crawling Darkness – J.L Bryan
Extreme Honor – Piper J. Drake
The Hating Game – Sally Thorne
The Thing About Love – Julie James

A few words: The months go by way to fast and I have not been that attentive to my list that I made in May. During the three months I read 44 books and just 13 of them was from the list. But oh well. That is how it can go sometimes. Not gonna make me read something i´m not feeling ready for and I still think I did it pretty good. 4 of the 7 books I have left to read, I actually don´t have. I banned myself from buying books this summer. O well I tried, still bought a “few” books. But I could hardly read books i didn’t have. Still want to read them tho.

I gave three books a full 5 star review. Not surprising that Jessica Gadziala was there. Odd Hours and Rosie effect was the two books with the lowest score. Really surprised me that i did not like Rosie effect and it made me kind of sad.

Overall I´m happy with the outcome of the list and now ready to start tackling the next list. 30 books before 30. And soon we will go in darker times and I will probably do an short winter list.


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