Monthly summary

August Summary

In august I have read 13 books. Out of 65 stars to give I have given away in total of 45 stars. August has not been my best reading month. It is starting to pick up at work and we are now going in to an hectic period of the year so my reading will probably be even lesser. But here is an short overview of what I have been reading this month.

Favorite book this month: Dissent – Jessica Gadziala.

8697191You Belong To Me – Karen Rose
Settings: Baltimore, Maryland (USA). Pages: 480. Published: 2011. Genres: Thriller, mystery and Romantic Suspense.
My rating: 4/5 stars.
Five words: Great, hot, exciting, new, guessing.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in Baltimore series.

Defying The Odds – Kele Moon29537831
Settings: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). Pages: 181. Published: 2016. Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Erotica, Sports and adult fiction.
My rating: 4/5.
Five words: Sweet, love, short, connection, realism.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in battered hearts series.

25361217Shadow Of Perception – Kristine Mason
Settings: Chicago, Illinois, (USA). Pages: 372. Published: 2013. Genres: Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Thriller and contemporary.
My rating: 1/5.
Five words: Drama, relation, no suspense, bad.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 2 in CORE shadow trilogy series.

Mark – Jessica Gadziala34824884
Settings: Navesink Bank, New Jersey (Fictional USA). Pages: 221. Published: 2017. Genre: Romance and Contemporary.
My rating: 5/5
Five words: Good, love, sexy, exciting, sweet.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 3 in The Mallick brothers series.

18105339Dane – Liliana Hart
Settings: Surrender, Montana (USA). Pages: 51. Published: 2011. Genres: Romance, Adult fiction, erotica, contemporary. Shortstory.
My rating: 4/5
Five words: To short, nice, sweet, hangoverfriendly.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in The MacKenzie series.

Blind Fury – Gwen Hernandez20878943
Pages: 295. Published: 2014: Genres: Romantic suspense, war, military, romance, contemporary, suspense.
My rating: 3/5
Five words: Soft alpha, slow, spineless, immature.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in men of steel series.

22566044Fluency – Jennifer Foehner Wells
Settings: Space. Pages: 377. Published: 2014. Genres: Science Fiction. aliens, Romance.
My rating: 2/5.
Five words: Cliffhanger, dissatisfaction, no good characters.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in Confluence series.

The Rosie Effect – Graeme Simsion23492671
Settings: New York City, New York (USA). Pages: 368. Published: 2014. Genres: Contemporary, fiction, chick lit, adult.
My rating: 2/5
Five words: Don trying so hard, sad.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 2 in Don Tillman series.

28603811Sinister – Jana DeLeon
Pages: 343. Published: 2016. Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction, Crime.
My rating: 5/5
Five words: This cant get any better!
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 2 in Shaye Archer series.

Odd Hours – Dean Koontz2029927
Settings: Magic Beach, California (USA). Pages: 352. Published: 2008. Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Suspense.
My rating: 2/5
Five words: Boring, page fillers, no suspense.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 4 in Odd Thomas series.

23314731Truth Or Beard – Penny Reid
Settings: Green Valley, Tennessee, (USA). Pages: 382. Published: 2015. Genres: Romance, contemporary, New adult, humor, funny.
My rating: 4/5
Five words: Strong, love, hot, beardy, man.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in Winston Brothers series.

The Dry – Jane Harper27824826
Settings: Kiewarra, Australia. Pages: 352. Published: 2016. Genres: Crime, mystery, fiction, thriller.
My rating: 4/5
Five words: Hot, thrilling, crime, mysterious, secrets.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 1 in Aaron Falk series.


Dissent – Jessica Gadziala
Settings: All over (USA). Pages: 208. Published: 2015. Genres: Romance, contemporary, Suspense, erotica, adult.
My rating: 5/5
Five words: Abuse, wonderful, suspense, love, great.
Links: Review | Goodreads
Book 2 in scars series.

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