Summer TBR 2019

Summer of 2019 is soon here and as always I create my Summer TBR list. I have this year choose 10 books I wish to read and this is my list.

Simma med de drunknande (eng. The Sixteen Trees of the Somme) – Lars Mytting
The Husband’s secret – Liane Moriarty
Verity – Colleen Hoover
Save me from dangerous men – S.A Lelchuk
Luna and the Lie – Mariana Zapata
Whiskey and gunpowder – Liliana Hart
Hidden Star – Nora Roberts
The Breakdown – B.A Paris
Sizzle – Julie Garwood
Seven up – Janet Evanovich


What are you planing to read this summer?

Monthly summary

September Summary


Oh what a month. Started of kind of rocky with The witness and out of total boredom I bought the first book to a series I have been avoiding and it turned out I totally loved it. So I ended up reading the three books under just a week.

Been little all over when it comes to genre but it looks like mystery/crime and romance has been the ones I have been in mood for.

Now October is here and that is seriously my favorite reading/movie month and I cant wait to pull out all my horror books I have been saving for just this month. Have you read my Top 5 + 1 books To be read in October list? If not you can do it here.

Favorite book this month: A court of mist and fury bu Sarah J. Maas without a doubt.
Least favorite book this month: 
The witness by Simon Kernick.

Number of physical books:
Number of e-books:
Number of audiobooks:
Total pages: 5423 pages.
Female authors: 7.
Male authors: 4.

26631703The Witness – Simon Kernick
Settings: England Pages: 384 Published: 2016
Genres: Mystery, crime, thriller.
My rating: 2/5
Links: Review
Book 1 in The Ray Mason series.
36357979Edison – Jessica Gadziala
Settings: Navesink Bank, New Jersey, USA (Fictional)
Pages: 246 Published: 2017
Genres: Contemporary, romance.
My rating: 5/5
Links: Review
Book 10 in The Henchmen MC series.
28963772Four letter word – J. Daniels
Settings: USA Pages: 416 Published: 2016
Genres: Contemporary, romance, new adult.
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
Book 1 in The Dirty Deeds series.
22839894A court of thorns and roses – Sarah J. Maas
Settings: Fantasy world Pages: 419 Published: 2015
Genres: Fantasy, young adult, romance
My rating: 4/5
Links: Review
Book 1 in The A court of thorns and roses series.
17927395A court of mist and fury – Sarah J. Maas
Settings: Fantasy world Pages: 626 Published: 2016
Genres: Fantasy, young adult, romance
My rating: 5/5
Links: Review
Book 2 in The A court of thorns and roses series.
23766634A court of wings and ruin – Sarah J. Mass
 Fantasy world Pages: 699 Published: 2017
 Fantasy, young adult, romance.
My rating:
Book 3 in 
The A court of thorns and roses series.
2213661The graveyard book – Neil Gaiman
Settings: England Pages: 307 Published: 2008
Genres: Young adult, fiction, horror, fantasy.
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
15793091Extinction machine – Jonathan Maberry
Settings: USA Pages: 433 Published: 2013
Genres: Thriller, horror, science fiction.
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
Book 5 in The Joe Ledger series.
32263The surgeon – Tess Gerritsen
Settings: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Pages: 416 Published: 2001
Genres: Mystery, crime, thriller, suspense.
My rating: 4/5
Links: Review
Book 1 in The Rizzoli & Isles series.
24422342Liar Liar – M. J. Arlidge
Settings: Southampton, England Pages: 440 Published: 2015
Genres: Crime, mystery, fiction, thriller, suspense
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
Book 4 in The Helen Grace series.
37683751From Lukov with Love – Mariana Zapata
Settings: USA Pages: 493 Published: 2018
Genres: Contemporary, romance, sports.
My rating: 4/5
Links: Review
23131087Nimona – Noelle Stevens
Settings: Fantasy Pages: 266 Published: 2015
Genres: Graphic novels, comics, fantasy, young adult.
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
25391400In the company of wolves – Paige Tyler
Settings: Dallas, Texas USA Pages: 278 Published: 2015
Genres: Fantasy, romance, paranormal.
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
Book 3 in The SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series.
Everyday things · Thriller/Horror

Horror Books I’ve read and recommend

Be afraid. Be very afraid! Mohaha ha oh, *chough* just kidding.

Halloween is here and by that, everything we think, do and see is influenced by this horror culture we live in. I first thought that i would make a horror book list with like five books I wanted to read this month. However my job has been crazy and I have hardly had time to sit down and write the reviews on the books I do have read.

So instead of a list of books I have not read, I thought I would make a list about the top 5 horror books I do have read and also recommend to you.


18890038.jpgIntensity by Dean Koontz
The first book I ever read by Koontz and I probably was way to young when I read it to. But I loved it. It was probably more terrifying for me as a young child reading the book than now as an adult. But just have to recommend it. You get to met Vess who is not right in the head. In his cellar there is 16 year old Ariel and Chyna who Vess has taken everything from, takes it up on her self to save Ariel. It is just an great and terrifying book. In Swedish (the language I read the book in) the title is “Psykopaten” which translate to “The Psychopath” is just a more fitting name for the book really. Just read it. Click here to read more about the book.

67035.jpgRelic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. (Book 1)
I dont think this book was supposed to evolve to an series but I´m really happy for it because I LOVE freaking Pendergast. He does not have the big main part in the first and second book but from the third one it is all about him. I still choose to recommend the first book because it is such an great story. The monster is loose at the museum. Yeah I know, how cliche isn’t that but the story is about just that. An monster, museum and the people who tries to fight it. The story is just great and one of those cozy horror story’s. Click here to read more about the Pendergast Series.

6962671The King of Plagues – Jonathan Maberry (Book 3)
There is like nine books so far in the series about Joe Ledger and I have read three and the last one was so far the best one. In this series we get to follow Joe who is a Teamleader over an highly secretive group of black ops people. They more or less is trying to save the world. The books are great written but are a little to long or slow sometimes. But they are still great and Joe Ledger is one of my favorite characters. The story line is reality horror. He writes about stuff that could really happen and it makes it real and horrific for me as an reader. Click here to read more about Joe Ledgers series.

23150980.jpgEllie Jordan, Ghost Trapper by J.L Bryan (Book 1)
This is more of an young adult kind of horror story even though it is not labeled as an young adult. The story is about Ellie who is working as an Ghost Trapper and each book is about a new case. I really like these storys. They are not to long and wordy as often fantasy books can be and they are really good written. There are today 8 books in the series and I have read two so far. Click here to read more about the series.

36013075It – Stephen King
Well I just had to have this one on here. Not because it is such an great horror story but because it is such an great story. Just as an story should be. I often find King to be over the top with his books which takes the horror right out of it. It gets just to unreal. And it happens in this book to. But not until the end. So I as an reader still gets like 1000 pages of that clean, heart beating horror that I love. Here we meet the Clown Pennywise who is killing people around the town Derry. 7 Kids takes it up on them self to kill Pennywise to save them self and revenge those who have been kill. Well, it is not that easy. Click here to read more about the book. Click here to read my review of the book.

Have you read any horrors lately? What books would you recommend?