Monthly summary

May Summary


Oh what a month. The books have just flown by. To be fair two of the books was short stories but on the other hand five of the books where around 500 pages or more.

Favorite book this month: Is N0S4R2 by Joe Hill and Beard Sience by Penny Reid for two completely different reasons so could not chose just one.
Least favorite book this month:
The thing about love – Julie James

Number of physical books:
Number of e-books:
Number of audiobooks:
Total pages: 5499
Female authors: 12
Male authors: 4

25156320Blind Ambition – Gwen Hernandez
Settings: Haiti Pages: 271 Published: 2015
Genres: Contemporary, romantic, suspense, war, military
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
Book 2 in The men of Steele series.
3643502Deadly harvest – Heather Graham
 Salem, USA Pages: 385 Published: 2008
Genres: Fantasy, paranormal, mystery, romantic, suspense.
My rating: 2/5
Links: Review
Book 2 in Flynn Brothers series.
35404657Dear Aaron – Mariana Zapata
A little all over Pages: 485 Published: 2017
Contemporary, romance, war, military
My rating: 
3522419Nemesis – Jo Nesbø 
Settings: Oslo, Norway Pages: 480 Published: 2002
Genres: Mystery, crime, fiction, thriller.
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
Book 4 in The series about Harry Hole.
10813480For You – Kristen Ashley
Settings: Brownsburg, Indiana, USA Pages: 583 Published: 2011
Genres: Contemporary, romance, suspense
My rating: 4/5
Links: Review
Book 1 in the Burg series.
9917998Dust & Decay – Jonathan Maberry
California, USA Pages: 519 Published: 2011
Thriller, suspense, horror, young adult.
My rating:
Book 2 in 
The Rot & Ruin series.
390932943 Hour Dad – Adam T Hourlution
Settings: United Kingdom Pages: 30 Published: 2018
Genres: Nonfiction, true story
My rating: 4/5
Links: Review
This copy I got from the author against a honest review.
51JallO8lpLMarrying a SEAL – Summer Hines
Settings: Annapolis, Maryland, USA Pages: 295 Published: 2017
Genres: Romantic, funny, chick lit
My rating: 4/5
Links: Review
This copy I got from the author against a honest review.
51JallO8lpL._SY346_My DisOrganised life – Nina Whyle
Settings: England Pages: 340 Published: 2016
Genres: Chick lit, romantic
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
This copy I got from the author against a honest review.
18907420.jpgRiley – Liliana Hart
Settings: Surrender, Montana, USA Pages: 57 Published: 2011
Genres: Romance, erotic, suspense.
My rating: 2/5
Links: Review *Goodreads review.
Book 3 in the MacKenzie family series.
21087134N0S4R2 – Joe Hill
Settings: USA Pages: 689 Published: 2013
Genres: Horror, thriller, fiction, fantasy, paranormal
My rating: 5/5
Links: Review
27246123The thing about love – Julie James
Settings: Chicago USA Pages: 373 Published: 2017
Genres: Romantic, contemporary, chick lit.
My rating: 1/5
Links: Review
23305614Finding Audrey – Sophie Kinsella
Settings: England Pages: 286 Published: 2015
Genres: Chick lit, young adult, contemporary, romance
My rating: 3/5
Links: Review
32885178A merciful truth – Kendra Elliot
Settings: Oregon Pages: 322 Published: 2017
Genres: Mystery, thriller, suspense, romance.
My rating: 2/5
Links: Review
Book 2 in the series about Mercy Kilpatrick.
23337872Beard science – Penny Reid
Settings: Green Valley, Tennessee, USA Pages: 384 Published: 2016
Genres: Contemporary, humor, funny, romantic
My rating: 5/5
Links: Review
Book 3 in the series about the Winston Brothers.


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